Free Comprehensive Fall Risk Assessment

Metta Health Physical Therapy Fall Risk Assessment

At Metta Health Physical Therapy, we understand the critical importance of preventing falls, which is why I am thrilled to announce our FREE Comprehensive Fall Risk Assessment. Are you or someone you care for concerned about balance, mobility, or afraid to fall? Find out, specifically, the factors that may lead to a fall and what you can do about it.

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Did you know that each year 1 in 4 adults will experience a fall, resulting in about 7.0 million injuries? Those injuries and the root causes of the fall often go untreated, leaving people in pain and limitation. More than that is the FEAR! The fear that a fall will occur again leading people to limit what they do. This can start a downward spiral of functional decline, all in what is intended to be our golden years. But none of that is normal and that is why we are offing this free assessment. We offer a holistic and comprehensive approach to health and function to bring people to peak health, especially as we age.

We use a proven evidenced based approach, the CDC STEADI Fall Risk Assessment.

Developed by the CDC, the STEADI (Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths & Injuries) Assessment is a tool to assess and address fall risk among older adults. The STEADI fall risk screening is a evidence-based tool designed to identify individuals at risk of falling, enabling early intervention and prevention strategies.

What Does the Screening Involve?

Our comprehensive fall risk screening (a $120 value) includes a series of assessments to evaluate various factors contributing to fall risk. These assessments include:

Balance Assessment: We utilize standardized tests to evaluate balance and stability, providing valuable insights into an individual’s risk of falling.

Gait Analysis: By observing how clients walk, we can detect abnormalities or impairments that may increase fall risk.

Muscle Strength Evaluation: Weakness in key muscle groups can compromise stability and increase the likelihood of falls. We assess muscle strength to tailor interventions accordingly.

Medication Review: Certain medications can affect balance and increase fall risk. We review medications to identify any potential concerns.

Home Safety Assessment: Many falls occur in the home environment. We provide guidance on making necessary modifications to enhance safety at home.

And More!

We evaluate you and compare to age matched normative values to determine your risk and if needed, work with you to develop a personalized plan to improve function. Interventions may include practical strategies, exercises, or referrals for medical management.

How Can You Participate?

Participating in our fall risk screening is easy and free of charge for all participants. Simply click the link above and request an appointment for the Free Fall Risk Assessment. I will guide you through the process and provide personalized recommendations based on your results.

Don’t wait until a fall occurs. Take control of your health and safety today by scheduling your free fall risk screening at Metta Health Physical Therapy. Together, we can work towards a future free from falls.

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